Common Questions

Why Study with Little Chopin's? 

Little Chopin's Music Lessons has NO registration fees or hidden fees, unlike the surrounding music schools in our area. The best part? We teach lessons in your own home, offer a complimentary 30-minute trial lesson, 3 recitals/year, customized lesson plans, and all the support you or your child need while learning a new skill.

How much do you charge for your teaching services?

Little Chopin's offers 2 different packages to purchase for lessons. If you don't know which one would work better for your family, please contact Anna Zimmer. 


  • Membership Package- Memberships will auto-renew every 4 weeks on the starting sale date. This is a great option for students who will have weekly lessons.

  • Session Pass Package- Session Passes include 4 lessons and does not auto-renew. Once your 4 lessons are taught, you will need to purchase this package again. This is a great option for students who will not have weekly lessons or don't have much flexibility in their schedule.


*Both lesson packages include

  • Weekly lessons

  • 2 recitals/year

  • Customized lesson plans

  • No Hidden Fees or Registration Fees 

$160 every 4 weeks for weekly 30-minute lessons

$200 every 4 weeks for weekly 45-minute lessons

$240 every 4 weeks for weekly 60-minute lessons

$260 every 4 weeks for weekly two 30-minute lessons back-to-back. *This option is for families who have two sibling musicians

Where are lessons held?

Lessons are held in your own home. We provide teachers who are willing to travel to you. 

Do you have specific teaching qualifications?

All of our teachers have a wide range of experiences and years under their belt to help you learn best. We provide the search of finding you a teacher who fits perfectly for you. Our teachers are the most qualified, professional, hard working, fun group of individuals. You can read about our instructors by clicking on the tab at the top of the page that says "Our Teachers".